A Guide for Un-Breaking Up

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When a boy and girl quarrel they are said to have broken up and so if they get back together again, it is said that they have un-broken up. To help these couples get back together again, on the internet there are now some websites which claim to be anunbreakup guideand can give advice to those couples that want to get back together again.

As everybody is different these guides cannot really give you advice on how to exactly get your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back but rather, offer advice on what you shouldn’t do regardless of who the boy or girl may be, if you want to be successful in winning them back for a long and meaningful relationship.

What any of these websites will tell you is, if you intend to try and win an ex back, it will not be easy and is often harder than picking up someone else to start a whole new relationship. You must therefore be sure before you start that it is really what you want to do and that no mother girl or boy could completely fill the void your ex has left behind.

The first advice these sites will give is never to beg to get them back. Although the first thought that may come to our minds is to beg them to come back, it would ultimately be a mistake to do so. If you beg them it makes you look weak and you will lose any respect that they may still have had for you and so although they may come back, it would be through a sense of pity and nothing else. Pity is nothing to restart a relationship on as it will last only a short time and once again you will find yourself on your own.

Another piece of advice these websites will give you is to never stalk your ex as it will lead to them finding out and they could even learn to hate you for invading their privacy.

You will of course at some point have to know where they will be so you can arrange an “accidental” meeting but do not stalk them, be out in the open when you ‘chance ‘ upon them. Ask them how they are holding up and tell them you miss them then wait for a response. If the response is positive then suggest a further meeting in which to discuss it.

A third piece of advice which most of the websites offer is not to dwell on the past, even if there were some great times. Studies have shown that when people are reminded of the past, even good times, they also remember bad times and so talking about the past may have the opposite affect to what you are hoping for.

Instead concentrate the talk on the future and what it could provide for the two of you if you were together again but always remember the reason for the separation and don’t touch on anything to do with that.