Medications Containing CBD

meiogordo Medications Containing CBD

Medications containing CBD are becoming more and more common and with good reason, it offers health benefits without adverse side effects which is more than can be said for most offer active ingredients in our modern medicines. If you want to learn more about what CBD is or about some of the products which now contain CBD, go to the website

Basically, however, CBD or giving its proper full title Cannabinol is found in the cannabinoids in the hemp plant which of course is also known as cannabis or marijuana. It is the CBD in marijuana which has led to marijuana’s use for health purposes ever since the times of the Ancient Egyptians 4000 years ago, however, up until now the use of marijuana for health purposes has always had the downside that it also had the potential for hazardous side effects such as producing a high or being addictive. These adverse effects though were due to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is also found in some of marijuana’s cannabinoids.

Today CBD is becoming used more often as modern science has now been able to not only distinguish between the two types of cannabinoids in marijuana but also to segregate them. This means that the beneficial CBD can now be used without the effects of the THC as well. It was, of course, the THC in marijuana which made the plant illegal in most countries around the world but today researchers are working of developing a strain of marijuana which contains no THC which would, of course, be very beneficial as authorities would have no problem with people using it for recreational purposes as the lack of THC would mean it did not cause a high and would not be addictive.

Currently, there are already oils containing CBD which can give relief to anxiety and stress-related problems and also oil containing CBD which can help people to sleep if they have a sleeping problem. CBD can also be currently found in some creams which offer relief from joint or muscle pains but the list of medications with CBD could continue to grow as researchers continue to find even more health benefits which CBD can provide. Some researchers are even trying to find if CBD can offer any form of relief to cancer sufferers which of course, if they were successful, would be a huge benefit to humanity.

What certainly would be another benefit to humanity, the whole world and in fact the planet itself, is if hemp was grown abundantly all around the world. This is possible because help is easy to grow and grows very fast, allowing it to be harvested twice a year. Why this would be good for us and the planet is because it has been shown that the pulp of hemp could replace paper in many instances. As hemp can be replaced in just a few months instead of the years it takes to replace trees, deforestation, which is said to be causing global warming, could be reduced.